Facilitating Digitalisation in the Asset Management Industry through Data Standardisation with Open, Free Templates

Explore the GAMS library of community defined, API-backed standards and data templates designed to foster efficiency and innovation.

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FDX Platform with Open Data Templates


Enable Collaborative Standardisation for the Asset Management Industry

Our mission is to revolutionise the efficiency of peer-to-peer data exchange in the asset management industry. By bringing together industry practitioners, we facilitate the development and adoption of open, accessible and digitisation-ready data templates and accompanying API definitions.

Our goal is that by lowering a common barrier to increased standardisation, and process digitisation that we will increase the efficiency and speed with which data moves in the asset management industry.

Benefits to The Asset Management Industry

Templates streamline processes, fostering efficiency, consistency, and compliance while reducing errors

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Data Quality

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Making Collaborative Standardisation Easy

Download stream from contributors to the FDX platform
Download stream from FDX platform  to the users
Download stream from contributors to the FDX platform
Download stream from FDX platform  to the users
Template Contributors Discussing on FDX Platform

Template Contributors

Users Engaging with Templates on FDX Platform

Template Users

Collaborative community driven at every step



Template Working Groups of 3-5 subject matter experts agree to collaborate on an Open Template


Contributors seamlessly publish templates and supporting resources to the industry via the platform


The GAMS AI Support Agent triages against supporting resources and FAQs lowering support burden to Template Working Groups



Template users can easily brows the templates library for templates relevant to their context


Template users can quickly get started, ask questions or suggest adaptions to the Template Owners


All templates are digitisation ready backed by data definitions that can immediately be used by technology teams to parse or produce data to and from templates

Templates for All Roles

Streamlining every role throughout the Fund's Environment

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Simplify and accelerate internal report generation and analysis

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Simplify data gathering and regulatory report preparation

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Governance & Oversight

Standardise and digitise non-traditional data such as KPIs

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Data Management

Reduced type spent developing and maintaining golden-source data repositories

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Cut the time and cost for process digitisation by more than 30%

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Client Services

Lower client reporting costs through standardised reports

And so much more

Benefits to Template Contributors

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Industry Leadership

Publishers gain the unique opportunity to shape industry standards by contributing their expertise, setting new benchmarks for data management and interoperability within the industry.

Efficiency in Support

By sharing templates, collaborators streamline the ongoing maintenance and updating process, leveraging collective efforts to ensure data templates remain current and effective.

Community Engagement

Collaborators enhance their professional network, connecting with peers to share insights, challenges, and solutions, fostering a rich community of practice that benefits the entire sector.

Transformational Benefits for Template Users

Operational Efficiency

Ready-to-use templates simplify the digitisation process, reducing the time and resources needed for data management and compliance, thereby enhancing overall business operations.

Open Access to Resources

Users have free access to a comprehensive library of data templates, making it easier to implement industry standards and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

Community Connection

Users engage with a supportive community, exchanging best practices and innovative solutions, driving collective advancement in the asset management industry through shared knowledge.

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