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Non-Profit Initiative and Platform Revolutionising Collaborative Data Standardisation in the Funds Industry

Welcome to Global Asset Management Standards (GAMS), a pioneering industry initiative with a mission to help address the fragmented and challenging data landscape within the fund industry.

From cumbersome questionnaires to complex data reports operations, oversight, compliance and technology teams too often get stuck transposing data or catering for yet another data format.

GAMS, registered as a Luxembourg based non-profit, is an open industry utility dedicated to promoting standardisation across the sector through the facilitation of open data templates.

At the heart of our mission is the GAMS platform, a repository not of data itself, but of open, industry-supported templates and resources.

This platform is designed to streamline the digitisation process, offering a database of high quality templates for both existing standards and new data standards.

Each template is developed and supported by a Template Working Group comprised of subject matter experts from the industry. These groups offer a unique opportunity for firms to efficiently collaborate, producing and sharing non-differentiating templates.

Each template on our platform is accompanied by API definitions, paving the way for lower cost and more widespread digitisation.

Our journey is further empowered by active engagement with various industry bodies, ensuring our efforts are in lockstep with the broader industry's evolution.

We invite subject matter experts from your teams to join this motivating journey. Contributing to the GAMS initiative offers a valuable opportunity to make a significant impact on the industry while engaging directly with peers from other firms. Together, we can redefine the landscape of fund data management, ushering in a new era of efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.

Join us in this transformative journey and be part of shaping the future of the fund industry.

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Pro-Bono Board

Revel Wood, Founding Partner at ONEgs with 20 years in fund services

Revel Wood

Founding Partner, ONEgs Former Group CEO, FundRock 20 years in fund services

Mark Phillips, Former Managing Director at Aviva Luxembourg with 20+ years in fund services

Mark Phillips

Former Managing Director, Aviva Luxembourg 20+ years in fund services

Nathalie Dogniez, Independent Director with 30+ years in fund services and an ESG & Data Standards expert

Nathalie Dogniez

Independent Director (Former Partner, PwC Luxembourg) 30+ years in fund services ESG & Data Standards expert

James Spanjaard, BCG Expert in Digital & AI Strategy and Co-founder of Alis Exchange

James Spanjaard

BCG (digital & AI strategy) Co-founder, Alis Exchange

Our pro-bono advisory board, which governs the development of the platform and supports template groups, is made up of individuals with a wealth of experience in the fund industry and technology. This board not only promotes the adoption of standardised data exchange templates within the industry but also shares a common passion for industry innovation.

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